Follow Me


Come, come follow me
I will show you things you have never seen
I will heal the sick
I will heal the lame
Let’s spread the Word
Let’s change the game
Follow me

Come, come follow me
You can drop those nets you can come and see
I will make a change
I will rearrange
What life’s about
What life can be
Follow me

God’s Sticky Fingers


give me a new heart a heart that is true
take all my brokenness rearrange the parts add the glue
Your sticky fingers in the mess that is me
creating a mosaic teaching me this song to sing

This is all I have
This is all I bring
Help me sing this song
I worship You The KING

King of my new heart King of all the earth
King in my silence King in my chaos & all the sharp turns
Your sticky fingers they will never let go of me
&when I pull away & complain like a child You’re still holding me



It was Simon & Simon it was James & James
Judas & Judas 3 had the same name

It was Matt & Andy, Tom & Phil
Bart & Johnny , this is the deal

They were 12 disciples they were 12 friends
Each with dozens of problems and a message to send

It’s perfection in Jesus and the imperfection of men
a beautiful connection – redemption from sin
It’s a “Halleluiah” , It’s a “oh man, my bad.”
It’s a paradox of beauty – how the church began

Note: 12 disciples / 12 friends (I hope these 12 names are easier to remember when we sing it…

  1. Simon (Peter)
  2. Simon (the zealot)
  3. James (the elder)
  4. James (the younger / lesser)
  5. Judas (Iscariot)
  6. Judas (Thaddeus  / aka Jude)
  7. Matt (Matthew Levi)
  8. Andy (Andrew)
  9. Tom (Thomas Didymus)
  10. Phil (Philip)
  11. Bart (Bartholomew Nathaniel)
  12. Johnny (John)


My God, You Are My God…


My God You are my God
You are my Hope in troubled times
You are the Light in darkest night

My God, You are my God
You are the Truth that kills the lie
that I can’t make it in this life

so heal my wounds
& cleanse my heart
& take me far from this situation

so bring me Hope
& change my sight
& take me far from this desperation

my God, You are my God…



It’s a fun time, it’s a scary time
It’s the time to live, it’s the time to try
It’s this life

I will be strong, I will speak the truth
I will carry on, I will follow through
It’s my life

so don’t be afraid whatever comes your way
No, your not alone just pick up the phone
And make a few calls, yeah friends break the fall
so don’t be afraid whatever comes our way

Will you do your best? will you sing your tune?
will you speak out? will you make your move?
It’s your life

It’s a carousel It’s some memories
It’s a broken heart It’s an apple tree (or it’s some broken dreams)
This is life