You have given me a new heart

You have changed my desire

Your Word is my road map

Your Word is my guide


I’m growing up, I’m growing strong

I’m seeking Truth as the day is long

I’m going down, down to the roots

I’ll excavate my painful past to get to you


With new ears I’ve learned to listen

With new eyes I now can see

Your Word is my road map

Your Word is my guide


I’m living proof, a life that’s changed

I’m turning from all selfish gains

I’m going down, down to the roots

I’ll excavate my painful past to get to you

HFBC Youth Parents Newsletter Sept. ’20

Newsletter Theme Verse: Psalm 78:4 / September 6, 2020

TELL THE NEXT GENERATION  – A Newsletter (especially for HFBC Youth Parents)

Difficult Decisions in the Covid-Era

Last month your family had to make a choice about your child’s path for middle school and / or high school in 2020. It was likely a very difficult decision. Life in the “covid-era” has been anything but easy for most of us. We weigh pros and cons. We do our best educated risk assessment. We listen to our children’s concerns and ideas about their situation. We seek the Lord’s council. We pray. We seek advice from trusted family and friends. We watch the news. We read articles on social media. After all these considerations we take action by making a choice. I hope and pray you that you know that Helen First Baptist’s ministry leaders are praying with you on the tough decisions that you are facing. God’s grace and God’s guidance are essential in the decision making process for all of us. We seek out what is best for our children with a deep desire to honor the Lord in our words and in our deeds. Be encouraged today! We don’t have to make the difficult decisions in this “covid-era” alone. May God bless you and keep you as you navigate these uniquely challenging times. If you need any assistance during these difficult days, please reach out to us at Helen FBC. We are here to partner with you in these difficult times. 


Family-Based Youth Ministry

I graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary way back in 2006. It was a really special time in my life. My favorite classes in seminary were all about youth ministry. My favorite book was a really practical guide for youth pastors and leaders called “Family-Based Youth Ministry” by Mark DeVries. My role as HFBC’s youth minister is clear. I must empower parents to the best of my ability to disciple and encourage their kids. The influence of parents & parent-figures of our HFBC Youth is immense and intense. Our responsibility in our teenagers lives (I still have one – for one more precious year) is a privilege and a blessing. This responsibility is also admittedly a little daunting; however, we can succeed together in community under the Lordship of Jesus Christ our Savior and Leader. God is going to give you everything you need to accomplish the tasks that He has for you. As our students listen to us speak of our own faith experiences, they will begin to learn how to describe their own experience of God (p.65 of FBYM). I get a bit emotional from time to time when I consider my journey from Helen FBC church member / youth dad to AWANA volunteer to deacon to as of January 1st of this year youth leader. My “full-time” status began in April in the midst of all the coronavirus chaos. God has really been good through my increasing involvement and leadership role expansion. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve your pre-teens & teens. The joy of my life has been missions and ministry alongside students and their parents. I am blessed beyond measure as your youth minister. I will be faithful to preach the Gospel, make disciples, and empower parents of teens in our sacred duty at HFBC. Please be assured that I take my responsibility very seriously. I want to help you in any way possible. Your Brother in Christ,  Jeff Ford (email: jford@helenfbc.org)

HELEN FBC YOUTH – update for Wednesdays

Please consider this important info. for our Wednesday night gatherings…


  1. STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK: Do not attend if you have a fever, are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS: Be sure to wash your hands often and thoroughly. We also encourage you to use hand sanitizer that will be available during our gatherings.
  3. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please help us keep everyone safe by maintaining social distancing and refraining from touching anyone else (no handshakes, high 5’s or hugs). If you live together or ride in a vehicle together, then you may sit by each other during our gatherings. If not, we are asking that you practice social distancing. Also, please do not share any food/drinks.
  4. WEAR A MASK: Masks are highly encouraged. We recommend wearing a mask anytime you are within 6 feet from someone for more than 15 minutes at a time. You are welcome to bring your own mask or we will have extras available if needed.

For Glenn Ford (aka my Dad) on Father’s Day 2020


There’s a photo on the fridge

With the faces of our family

In the middle you can find

You can find a crooked smile


That’s a picture of our love

That’s a picture of our lives

And in the center of it all

That’s the smile of my dad


To my dad on Father’s Day

You’ve been teaching me how to say

God is good and family too

Dad you gave me these fine tools


To my dad on Father’s Day

You are showing me how to build

The best of life  / what life can be

Thank you Dad for showing me


To my dad on Father’s Day

You are showing me how to be

The best dad that I can be 

(on Father’s Day, on Father’s Day) 

Capo 4 / C-G-D and G-C-Em-D

I Want to Trust You More


I Want to Trust You More (aka pandemic prayer / march of 2020)

Eliminate my anxious heart

And replace it with Your Holy peace

Paint your picture… picture of mercy

Relieve all these heartaches & fears

Remove all my distorted perceptions

Teach me what it is to love & live

Live this grace You are teaching me to

To be the person that trust You more

I’ll trust You more

I want to trust You more

I’ll trust you even more

Everyday I will trust You

A little more

Chords: C – Em – C – G