Follow Me


Come, come follow me
I will show you things you have never seen
I will heal the sick
I will heal the lame
Let’s spread the Word
Let’s change the game
Follow me

Come, come follow me
You can drop those nets you can come and see
I will make a change
I will rearrange
What life’s about
What life can be
Follow me

God’s Sticky Fingers


give me a new heart a heart that is true
take all my brokenness rearrange the parts add the glue
Your sticky fingers in the mess that is me
creating a mosaic teaching me this song to sing

This is all I have
This is all I bring
Help me sing this song
I worship You The KING

King of my new heart King of all the earth
King in my silence King in my chaos & all the sharp turns
Your sticky fingers they will never let go of me
&when I pull away & complain like a child You’re still holding me